I was recently visiting the Burlingame area and wanted a facial. I was fortunate enough to receive a wonderful facial from Myisha Hakes. She has a gentle and soothing touch and I really appreciated the way she explained each step of the process and what the products were being used for. She told me what the active or special ingredients were for each product and why she chose them for me. She also asked questions about my skin and what my likes and dislikes were and she tailored my treatment to my specific needs. What I appreciated the most about the whole experience was her wonderful approach and how she made me feel very special and relaxed. It was such a treat to have a facial from Myisha and for her to share her expertise with me regarding products and even make-up. I will definitely visit her again when I return to the area on my next visit.
If you live near there, go see her! She's amazing and she'll make you feel amazing too!



I've been coming to Myisha for about 6 months for my waxing needs and am really glad I was able to find someone that I like so much down on the peninsula.  She uses the good wax and so it hurts far less than it could.  She is super cool and easy to talk to, which helps ease the inevitable discomfort when you have to bare all for a bikini wax.  She usually texts me a reminder when it's time to set up my next appointment and I can set it up via text, which is the only reason this ever happens.  Definitely check out Myisha!



I can't believe how much inches I've loss b/c of endermology ! On top of that the Obagi really wiped away my brown sunburns & blemishes. The new me can't stay way from your lines of products. To think I've only started treatments in July of this year! On top of that..... all the money I have saved from plastic surgery ...... Hee,hee.... Woooohoo!



Hesitant upon having an endermologie treatment, Myisha put me at ease explaining things to me before the treatment. Thank you Myisha for the relaxing experience!



Had a GREAT facial by Myisha!  Came in with stress and left feeling relaxed and revived with my skin glowing.  I highly recommend Myisha.



Myisha is an amazing esthetician!  She has the magic touch which results in beautiful skin. She explains what she is doing which puts you at ease.  She pays attention to all of the little details and really personalizes each treatment to your skin and what it needs. Love my brows thanks to her.



When I first read about LPG I was skeptical.  How could this gentle process change the appearance of the cellulite on my thighs and trim my waist?  I am a fit woman on the far end of her 40's who has worked hard  to have what would be considered a merely normal body.  My body is clearly one that shows the wear of pregnancies and weight gain and loss over my life.  Short of expensive and risky liposuction or a tummy tuck, I was not aware that anything could improve the way my "fatty areas" looked.

The sessions are very relaxing.  Myisha immediately disarms any shame you might feel towards the focus on the "chub".  After my first session I felt great, but what surprised me was a few hours later and through to the next day how my body released considerable excess water.  Because Myisha works with the lymphatic system, I like to think she is helping my body shed toxins and release waste held in the fatty tissues.

By the 4th LPG session the change in my upper thighs was noticeable!  They looked more sculpted where fat tended to accumulate and the skin appeared more taught.  LPG works WITH the body and Myisha is able through her expertise to see and feel where your body needs the work most each session.  A times she would remark how she could feel the watery nature of the tissue and "move it".  It is pretty exciting to look in the mirror and see real changes.

I work hard to make improvements in my body with a healthy diet and lots of exercise, but there are just those stubborn areas that hold the excess fat and skin that has lost tone.  LPG is that extra tool I can utilize to make the very best of the work I have already done and I love it!   It is that little extra that makes all the difference in how look and feel.

If you are skeptical, I would simply advise you to try it.  You will feel the difference in your first session and begin to see changes in only a few more.






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